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Améliore le comportement des toutes les voitures (sauf en mode drift).


  • Sauvegarder les fichier originaux, physicsbootflow.bff, physicspersistent.bff, physicsmenu.bff
  • Décompressez le contenu de l'archive dans le dossier "Pakfiles" et remplacez les fichier existants.

Changelog 1.73 -Swapped slip curves and added additional one for front wheels to reduce snap oversteer, -Edited lateral grip values, -Edited Legends cars tyres, -Added different LoadSens values for greater stability, -Added new Peak Slip and Peak Load values, -Dropped grip to 1.05 instead of 1.075, -Dropped grip of slicks, -Added Hard AI version with new AI settings for both Quick Race and Career modes, -Added installation instructions for Hard AI to this readme file, -Added new Logitech Profiler Settings 1.72 -Pagiani C9 SH tyre change (was semi slick now is full slick), -4WD and FWD cars are less understeering, -decreased heating of porsche 918 front tyres, -raised grip to 1.075 and fixed it for all difficulty levels 1.71 -Lotus Exige tyre heating decreased, -added Juls minimod dinput8.dll for smoother and more detailed FFB effects, -added grip levels for different difficulties in game: (Novice) 1.1, 1.075, 1.05, 1.025, (Elite) 1.0, -added Logitech Profiler settings screenshot, -few notes added to readme file, 1.70 -Tyres stiffness, grip and upgrades overhaul, -AI changes, -No front grip reduction over curbs, -More or less usable drift mode, 1.69 -Stiffness of tyre upgrades made from scratch, -Reduced grip of the historic_slick tyres (classic DLC and some SH cars), 1.68 -small but crucial stiffness adjustments, -self aligning stiffness increased by 50%, -separate slip curves for acceleration, braking and lateral forces, -added loose version for UCP users, 1.67 -lower stiffness levels for stock cars and higher for works converted, -harder AI, -added 28 stock steering lock version for 900 degrees wheels; just rename the file, 1.66 -overall grip raised to 1.0 (some cars were too crazy with 0.9), -fixed MX5/S2000 tire stiffness (was too high), -fixed BMW CSL tire stiffness F-R, -Mini Cooper tire stiffness balanced - now it's taking turns, -increased lat/longpeak load value of every car which gives a little faster FFB response, 1.65 -again new stiffness levels based on stock SMS load values, recalculated for lower slip angles, -overall grip set at 0.9 - same as the previous version, -kinetic grip lowered (from 0.97 to 0.95, so not much), -camber fix (camber adjustments will give lateral grip bonus but will take some longitudinal grip; at peak), -negetive toe-in fix, -AI skill levels matched along with AIGrip, -stock steering lock for all cars is back, -Empty DiffPump value fix, -fuel tank positions fix, -DiffuserBase typos fixed, -ReboundTravel typos fixed, -SpringRange typos fixed, 1.64 (unreleased) -Grip increased for Caterham, -Small fix for Sls Speedhunters tyre, 1.63 -compatible with new DLC cars, -stiffer tyres, -braking stiffness is now equal to cornering stiffness, -kinetic grip increased (0.97 = close to stock S2U value), -overall grip decreased (0.9 instead of 1.2), -weaker FFB but more balanced feeling; may fix strange FFB on Fanatecs, -beware! some cars from new DLC are using stock drag tyres but others are on modded ones which may produce funny situations in drag mode, -dropoff function changed to 0, -small tweak in slip angle levels, -speed related grip drop fixed at 1000m/s; speed load eq. turned off, -launch grip reduction effect turned off, v1.61 All tyres are changed (except drift and drag). As always please feel free to write me a PM about problematic/floaty cars if you find any. Read this file carefully. Changelog 1.62 -fixed "tyre melt" bug 1.61 -reduced kinetic grip (0.815), -less stiff tyres, -steering lock 20 degrees, -stronger FFB, -AI grip levels tweaked, -normal slip angle levels 1.6 -completely new tyres files for all cars, -changed min. steering lock of all cars to 30 degrees, -Huaua-something and MP4-12C are using slicks again 1.51 -fixed game crashing when S13 Drift was used, -blocked visco in murcielago gt1 and r8 lms, -minor changes in gt1_mid, gt3_997 and mp4-12c tyres 1.5 -balanced AI grip, -balanced tyres for all cars including limited edition versions, -Viper, Ford GT and Elise are changed again, because were screwed in 1.11b - sorry! -MP4-12C and Huauauauarayyya tyres are changed from slicks to normal to balance the gameplay, -Mercedes Evo vehicle file repaired (had no aero settings at works conversion due to mistype of devs) 1.11b -Minor AI changes, all tyres checked 1.1b -Viper, Ford GT tyres updated 1.0b -Project start Tips TURN OFF SPEED SENSITIVITY! -- If you are experiencing problems with turning (f.e. 900 degree users) you can try to: -increase the steering lock in tuning options, -increase steering sensitivity in options If you are experiencing problems with oversensitivity (f. e. 270 degree users) you can try to: -decrease steering sensitivity in options, -add 1% to steering dead zone -- Most WORKS cars need to be tuned, so play with settings - especially aerodynamics. New tyres are much more responsive. Mod is working just fine with both patched and unpatched versions of the game. -- Changed files: Physicsbootflow.bff //tyres Physicsmenu.bff //chassis fixes, steering lock 20 degrees Physicspersistent.bff //Mercedes Benz Evo WORKS downforce fix Installation 1. Go to x:\Shift2\Pakfiles\ 2. Make a backup of physicsbootflow.bff, physicspersistent.bff and physicsmenu.bff 3. Copy files from this archive into x:\Shift2\Pakfiles\ and overwrite originals 4. Start up the game and play. Software used AutoHotkey BFF Tools QuickBMS Notepad++ XVI32 Thanks to Ownage the betatester nitroin the betatester Nogripracing community japamd Luigi Auriemma turbo86, Peter simpson and Acura for discovering the S13 problem Contact brrupsz@gmail.com